Artist Bio

Jessica is a multidisciplinary physical performer, circus performer and arts photographer. At age 14, Jessica began training and performing with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus where she first nurtured the creative talent that led to her phenomenal skills in hula hooping, trapeze and acrobatics.

She became a full-time ensemble member of the world-renowned contemporary circus company Circa at age 19. Since then, Jessica travelled around the world creating and refining her craft. Spreading her circus magic to at least 21 countries, Jessica has performed and toured over 12 different stage productions, been a creating and performing ensemble member of 7 productions and appeared in 4 award-winning productions. Highlights of this included a collaboration with Opera Queensland’s 2019 production Orpheus and Eurydice. 

Jessica's love of the arts continues to push her work in new and creative directions as she continues to be an in-demand artist. 


Specialty Skills:
Hula Hoop