Artist Bio

From her origins of busking outside the chicken shop as a child or performing shows with her cousins on the back veranda, Rindi’s career was kickstarted when a tissu was hung in the back shed of her 1700-acre property. With her eye keenly set on circus, Rindi is now a graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts specialising in ensemble creation, aerial rope and tight wire. 

While studying at the National Institute of Circus, Rindi appeared in Onism, Eclipse, Petrichor and Made to Measure. Since graduating, Rindi immediately began performing with After Dark Theatre in their acclaimed production of Barbaroi during the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Rindi is a founding member of Absurd Circus, and co-created and performed in Sunday Cup of Absurdi-Tea as part of the Premiere at Gasworks Program 2023. She was also featured in GO/NO GO at La Mama Courthouse.  

Drawing from her small-town upbringing, her work is beautiful in its detail and authenticity. 


Specialty Skills:
Tight Wire
Rope (aerial Rope)