Artist Bio

Hailing from the south coast of NSW, Michael basically grew up on the beach. He soon realised he might need a land-based hobby, and found circus as a teenager at local after school classes. Not long after starting Fine Arts at uni he realised how much he wanted to be a circus artist, and began pursuing circus full time. He then made the move from the South Coast to Melbourne to train full time at NICA. 

Now, after years of full-time training, graduating in 2022, Michael is a dynamic and diverse performer who aims to show creativity and physicality. Specialising in Dance Trapeze, Chinese Pole and Group Acrobatics, he has performed in a variety of cabarets and group shows, including NICA’s Onism, Eclipse, Made to Measure and Petrichor, as well as being a co-creator of ‘Sunday Cup of Absurdi-Tea’. 

Slightly graceful, slightly grungy, he aims to captivate and entertain.


Specialty Skills:
Chinese Pole