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Alumni-led Companies

Many NICA alumni form their own companies straight out of the gate and go onto create fantastic works of art, theatre and circus. 

Here's just a few of many!

13 Eggs

Alumni - Aleshanee Kelso & Tomas Correia

Delightful and unassuming - you can catch them here!

Absurd Circus

Alumni - Sophie Bohlsen, Linda Corazza, Rindi Harradine, Michael McDonald & Chelsea Hall

Our most recent graduates!
Keep an eye on these guys.

BodyMindSoul Japan

Alumni - Ikuko Tanikawa (founder)

A circus school and aerial yoga teacher in Japan!

Circus Centre (Ethiopia)

Alumni - Sosina Wogayeh

An epic undertaking!
You can donate to the building of this centre & make an impact.


Alumni - Elise Jaworowski

A gorgeous circus school located in Oakleigh, Melbourne.

Dummies Corp

Alumni - Jack Coleman & Jamie Bretman 

Not only are their shows hilarious, but they also employ many NICA alumni too.

Gravity Dolls

Alumni - Tim Rutty

A killer performance company since 2014, check them out!

Head First Acrobats

Alumni - Thomas Gorham & Callan Harris (directors) Chelsea Angell, Jordan Twartz, Liam Dummer & Alexander Caulfield (performers). 

A touring circus company who bring their own venue (!!) while offering multiple jaw-dropping shows.


Alumni - Amanda Lee

A gorgeous contemporary performance company based in Adelaide. See more here!

On Stage Events

Alumni - Simon-James Reynolds

Based out of Belgium they continue to make amazing work - check out their Facebook page!

One Fell Swoop Circus

Alumni - Charice Rust & Jonathan Morgan

Innovative, ground-breaking, poetic. See what they have been up to!

Red Canvas Productions

Alumni - Caz Walsh

Staging, rigging, venues and shows - these guys are the whole festival package.


Alumni - Simon-James Reynolds

Situations of Ones Life's Obsessions
- a multidisciplinary, multimedia circus show.

Sparkle Society

Alumni - Latonya Wigginton, Winter Chapman & Jack Wilde

Coming at you with tour productions and all 'round entertainment! See some sparkle here.

Statera Circus

Alumni - Aleshanee Kelso, Tomas Correia & Karina Schillar

A joyful, adventurous and inquisitive circus and physical theatre company.

The Circus Studio

Alumni - Adie Delany (founder & trainer)

An inclusive and community-driven circus school in Tasmania.

Wildhouse Circus

Alumni - Felicia Lannan

A humourous, empowering and brutally honest, female-led circus company!

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