Artist Bio

A blazing supernova at the forefront of the Australian Circus and Cabaret scene, Tara delivers acts that go on to live rent-free in the minds of all who witness her incandescent feats. Headlining cabaret shows such as Rouge and Popcorn Underground as well as performing worldwide with international acts such as The Briefs Factory, Circus Oz and more, Tara is known for her distinctive style; a cocktail of absurdity, sophistication and unapologetic humour mixing character, wit, and skill.

 Seemingly cartwheeling into life with a love for the arts, she graduated from Melbourne’s National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2016 after five years of formal training in foot-juggling, hula hooping, group acrobatics and more. Whether it be running around hula hooping with a popcorn machine on her head or juggling giant cocktails and umbrellas in a 2-metre-high martini glass – you will never forget the charmingly electric artwork that is Tara. 


Specialty Skills:
Hula Hoop

Other Skills:
Foot Juggling
Vaudeville Sideshow