Artist Bio

One could hardly say Bavo was “born into the game‘, growing up in Belgium where basketball was but a mere afterthought – fast-forward to the current day and you’ll see Bavo on stage performing dazzling dribbles and gravity-defying dunks, accompanied by the right beats and the ceaseless stream of witty comments of MC Bobbito Garcia. 

Since his youth, Bavo has spent years perfecting his craft to become a professional freestyle basketball performer, combining a fantastic array of dexterity mixed with circus. He has travelled across the world to entertain countless audiences, from working for NBA Entertainment to FIBA events, to even the Sydney Opera House, his experience covers a wide range of events. On the Fringe circuit, Bavo has appeared in Circus – The Show, 360 All Stars, Paris Underground Cabaret, and more. 

Being one of the few basketball freestylers in the world capable of delivering a full solo routine on a professional level, Bavo seamlessly adds to the circus sphere as well as major sport events. 


Specialty Skills:

Other Skills:
Freestyle Basketball
Ground Based