Artist Bio

The future of boundary-shaking performance art is here. Easa has always been destined for a life in circus. Born of an Asian ex-punk and a nomadic craftsman, raw and unmatched creativity lives in every molecule of his DNA. Today, he is a living work of art; a powerful and magnetic aerial and cirque performer, and a beacon of the most avant-garde future of the industry. 

Making in start studying theatre before moving into Martial Arts, Easa attended the National Institute of Circus Arts and graduated in 2019 with a focus on aerials, specifically Corde Lisse and Rope. He has electrified the stages of companies such as Phat Cab Club and One Fell Swoop and continues to dedicate his career (not to mention entire existence) to making work beautiful enough for art galleries, strange enough for museums, and stupid enough to end up in the gutter. 


Specialty Skills:
Rope (aerial Rope)

Other Skills:
Martial Arts (Kung-fu)