Artist Bio

Co-Founder and Partner of Australian circus company, alongside husband, fellow performance artist and duo partner Adam, Jess is the very definition of versatility and seemingly effortless flow, specialising in Adagio, Pole, and Dance Trapeze. 

Though a prolific solo artist in her own right, Jess is instantly iconic as one half of her aerial/acro duo with husband, where the pair are frequent stage residents for an enviable list of corporate events, cruise ships and festivals – both nationally and internationally. 

On the cusp of stepping into a career in nursing, Jess happened upon Australia’s National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), where all her carefully laid career plans quickly unravelled to give way to a life of performing feats of pure gravity defiance and grace. 

Jess graduated from NICA in 2007 with a Bachelor of Circus Arts, and since forming Adica in 2011 continues to work fulltime in the industry as a show-stopping duo, group-ensemble cast member or glittering soloist. 


Specialty Skills:

Other Skills:
Dance Trapeze
Vertical Dance
Voice Over