Artist Bio

This performer brings a lifetime of elite training to the stage, blending the refined skillset of a competitive athlete with the artistic flair of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Offering a unique comic presence on stage, Jeff produces an eye-catching array of skills separated by hilarious character moments to stun a crowd on any stage.

Always one to enjoy the scenic route, Jeff underwent formal training in competitive gymnastics, theatre and music as a youngster before finding his home in circus arts. An alumni of the National Institute of Circus Arts, Jeff specialises in all forms of juggling, contemporary clowning and ground acrobatics, using his training to create multi-skill acts rarely seen across the globe.

Described as a “comic multi-talent”, Jeff has shared the joy of circus with audiences across Australia as a founding member of Poncho Circus, and has performed in a myriad of festivals and productions, including: Melbourne Fringe Festival, Moomba, Canberra Multifringe, No Refunds, and Midsumma, to name just a few.

With over a decade of performance experience, Jeff is constantly learning and layering his performances with new techniques to affirm his reputation as one of Australia’s top-tier artists.


Specialty Skills: