Artist Bio

Jaw-dropping, suspenseful and frightfully super-human are just some of the reviews synonymous with the extraordinary talent that is Aerial Artist and Clowning performer. 

Tom’s arresting ability to create a unique physical performance with a strong theatrical presence is what truly sets him apart as a standout figure in contemporary circus. With a multi-disciplinary approach that artfully merges the specialties of Corde Lisse / Rope, Chinese Pole, Theatre and Clowning, Tom has developed a truly original signature style, holding space as a modern industry pioneer and trendsetter. 

In 2011, he debuted this new career focus with The Famous Maurice Flea Circus, following up with the award-winning show …We Should Quit, snagging the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival’s Best Circus Award. He has since featured as principle talent in notable award-winning shows and programs such as Plan B, Undertone (2015 Perth Fringe Festival Best Circus Award winner) which he co-created and co-produced in 2016 with Black Carnation Productions, and The Peter Principle which was nominated for Best Emerging Circus Artist, and Best Circus at the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival. 

Though continuing to catch the eye of various leading cirque production houses, corporate clients and world-class festivals, Tom has been fortunate enough to have already worked with high-level institutions including Tumble Circus in the UK with Unsuitable, Dislocate’s The Fairy Show, and Head First Acrobat’s Arrr We There Yet?

More recently, Tom created a new show in collaboration with Australian circus company, Dummies Corp, The Dumtectives in Cirque Noir, which opened in 2021 to stellar rave reviews at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


Specialty Skills:
Rope (aerial Rope)
Chinese Pole

Other Skills:
Comedy Acrobatics