Artist Bio

Fascinated by exploring the physical, mental, and artistic possibilities of what the human body can achieve, William is an industry-leading, boundary-pushing Acrobat who continues to secure the attention of the world’s most prolific production companies, while redefining a new standard for the art and technical skill of acrobatic circus. 

Born in South Africa, he made his way over to Australia to study at Melbourne’s National Institute of Circus Arts, where he graduated in 2014, making an almost meteoric rise soon after. 

William has worked around the world as an ongoing principle cast member and featured artist in multiple shows and companies, notably with Cavalia in China, and CIRCA throughout Europe. He has featured in ongoing national and international tours for Pippin with 7fingers, A Simple Space with Gravity and Other Myths, Le Soiree, Club Swizzle, Wonderland Circus Cabaret, Casus Circus’ Knee Deep which featured at the Brisbane Festival, The Equestrian Circus Show’s Cavalia, award-winning show The Barbaroi for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Idle Hands and the Twisted Vaudeville Cabaret at Perth Fringe Festival, the Melbourne Festival’s Nanjing Project, and Impact for various private corporate clients – to name only a few!

William is a thundering performance talent, blending almost unbelievable technical skill with a natural charm to back it up. When “good enough” is never good enough, this is an artist so dedicated to his craft that he is always working hard, seeking to develop himself and the industry in general to the next level. It’s the fusion of acrobatic movement, circus skills and dance elements that continue to earn William his reputation as one of the industry’s most respected and admired talents working in the contemporary circus space. 


Specialty Skills:
Cyr Wheel

Other Skills:
Hand to Hand