Artist Bio

As if composed of pure stardust; Josie is a cheerful, vivacious cirque talent with a devilishly irresistible stage presence and infectious charm. 

Specialising in Aerials and Balancing (notably Swinging Trapeze, Hand-to-Hand Acrobatics, and Handstands) her spark and natural flair for artful movement led her to undertake a Bachelor’s degree at Melbourne’s National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA). Since graduating in 2012, Josie has successfully established herself in the industry as a leading professional, performing and teaching throughout Australia and overseas. 

Padding out her career beyond performance, she formed TEOC Circus with colleague Anna Murray in 2016, which toured nationally and internationally in a variety of shows and festivals circuits such as the Western Australian Circus Festival, Adelaide Fringe and the Taipei Arts Festival. 

Josie's touring continued after joining Circus Oz in 2018, where she also had the opportunity of working with One Fell Swoop Circus before creating Stunned Mullet Circus with her self-described “partner in crime” Sam Aldham in 2021; a company that focuses specifically on creating outdoor performances and events. 

Born with an instinct to defy gravity and make the impossible, possible, adventure is part of Josie’s very DNA. She is quick to grin, crafty with (and on) her hands and is convinced that the secret to a long and happy life comes from the perspective of being upside down! 


Specialty Skills:
Swinging Trapeze

Other Skills:
Hand to Hand