Artist Bio

Stephanie is the exquisite nexus where Competitive Gymnastics, Performance Art and Aerial Acrobatics meet. A hungry young performer, she is a woman truly obsessed with all things circus. Specialising in Handstands, Cyr Wheel and Ensemble Acrobatics, she is a thrilling force of skill to behold, boasting equal parts talent and personality in one exceptional package.

Chasing down and consuming every piece of Cirque du Soliel content and show she could get her hands on as a kid, Stephanie’s flame for cirque was ignited at a very early age and has not wavered since. Determined to further develop her curiosity and calling to the industry, she left her hometown of Brisbane to take on a Bachelor’s degree at Melbourne’s National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA).

Stephanie has featured as a solo and ensemble cast member for a vast array of local and national productions – and the list continues to grow! Though young in years, she has had the opportunity to bolster her skills not only as a performer, but in the areas of creative development, production, and artistic leadership. While appreciating all forms of cirque, her true passion lies in exploring and defining the landscape of contemporary circus. This particular focus was founded during her involvement with projects such as Feed the Horse an experimental phenomenon, and Zebastion Hunter’s quartet Perpetual Frustration Machine.

Today, she continues to broaden her experience through performing street acts, educational performances and improvisational shows, and fuelling her lifelong curiosity with circus by consuming as much of it as she possible can. 


Specialty Skills:
Cyr Wheel