Artist Bio

Linda tumbled into circus after being recommended by a mentor who pointed out she was “unusually strong” for someone who is opposed to exercise. Fast forwarding to the current day, Linda is now a versatile and experienced acrobat, thriving and specialising in hand balancing, corde lisse and group acrobatics. 

Although a recent graduate, Linda is already an accomplished performer, performing in no less than four shows at the National Institute of Circus with pieces including Onism, Eclipse, Petrichor and Made to Measure. She has toured with Stalker on their production of Mountain, and for 2023 was an artist in resident at Legs on the Wall’s ‘Legs Upper’ program. A founding member of Absurd Circus, Linda also co-created and performed in Sunday Cup of Absurdi-Tea as part of the Premiere at Gasworks Program 2023. 

From a varied artistic, physical and academic background, all her experiences compounded when circus became the centre of her passion. The need to learn and train has not wavered and is fuelled by a love of collaborating with other artists. 


Specialty Skills:
Rope (aerial Rope)

Other Skills:
Hand to Hand