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Training from the age of four, it should come as no surprise that this lifelong Melbournian gymnast and acrobat has captured the admiration and respected of the international circus industry, enamouring audiences from discerning cirque-afficionados and industry veterans to the unsuspecting, first-time novices alike. 

This National Institute of Circus Arts Alumni is the living embodiment of the classic 1900s circus “strong man” come to life – the living nexus of superhuman strength and a commanding stage personality to boot. Specialising in Duo Acrobatics with flying partner Madison, Liam is the ultimate “ace base” across the spectacular disciplines of Hand-to-Hand Acrobatics (Duo & Ensemble) and Perch Pole.

As one of Australia’s most lauded and sought-after circus artists, Liam’s rapidly growing CV is littered with an impressive list of career highlights. He has performed as a part of the opening ceremony showcase for the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, in France, graced the global stages of the elite festival circuit including the Edinburgh and London Fringe Festivals, Adelaide Fringe Festival in the Spiegeltent, and most recently having trained in Montreal, Canada with Creativiva Entertainment during the show creation period for a new cruise ship production program.


A local Melbournian, Madison has garnered significant international success, recognised by elite production houses the world over for her specialised skills across duo and ensemble Acrobatics, as well as Adagio, Perch Pole and all things Aerial. 

With a thirst to shock, astound and sometimes scare audiences with her daring acts of gravity defiance, Madison has featured at some of the world’s most renowned productions and events including Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the London Fringe Festival, Australia’s Adelaide Fringe Festival, and Creativiva Entertainment in Montreal, Canada. 

Starting her journey in gymnastics as a child, she made the leap to circus in late 2014, where she continues to establish herself as a mesmerising soloist, duo and ensemble performer across a wide variety of national and international artistic opportunities.


Specialty Skills:

Other Skills:
Perch Pole
Hand to Hand