Artist Bio

A born showman who lives and breathes both the on-stage and backstage avenues of cirque, Joshua is a dazzling soloist and ensemble circus artist, performer, producer and technical rigger. He has toured the world as a solo and ensemble artist, including his award-winning duo act: The Circus Firemen; performing at festivals and on cruise ships around the globe. Joshua was the founding member of a circus quartet by Pants Down Circus, touring a classic-rock themed show across four continents.

Originally from regional NSW, he started his performing career in community theatre where he later made a foray into ballet, cheerleading, weightlifting and gymnastics. Two circus schools later, Joshua is now a full-time industry professional, with no signs of slowing down! 

Recently, Joshua has focused on solo work including his award-winning theatre and circus show The Man In The Mail, an original play based on the work of Jules Verne. He also is a wonderfully gifted production artist, where he works as an aerial rigger for circus and builds high-quality custom-made props.  


Specialty Skills:
Lots Of Things

Other Skills:
Acrobatic Ladder Balancing
Chair Walking