Artist Bio

Inventive, shocking and dedicated are words that have followed Grace her whole circus life as she dived head-first into the world of circus at eight years old. Specialising in tight wire and foot juggling, her training has taken place at the National Institute of Circus Arts and beyond. Grace has foot juggled the likes of milk crates, a CRT TV, and a scolding pipe weighing over 80kgs – there’s no artist quite like her. 

Grace is well versed in many disciplines, having had a multitude of coaches from all walks of life, specialising in hula hoops, trapeze, juggling, and rope. Grace has performed in multiple NICA shows including Onisim, Made to Measure, Eclipse, and Petrichor.  

Having 15 years of circus training under her belt, Grace understands and thrives in being multi-disciplinary, relishing in pushing boundaries, both in her physical abilities but also in her character work. From joyful and upbeat, to ominous and gruesome, Grace radiates anytime she is performing. As a strong female performer, she loves creating new pathways for everything in her performances, and making audiences reimagine what they think is possible by the human body. 


Specialty Skills:
Hula Hoop
Rope (aerial Rope)

Other Skills:
Stilt Walking
Whip Cracking