Artist Bio

From daredevil surfer to daredevil aerial acrobat, Harley is one of Australia’s most significantly gifted and respected cirque artists, with a multi-disciplinary approach specialising in Chinese Straps, Cyr Wheel, Acrobatics and Handstands. 

Growing up immersed in a surfing culture on Phillip Island, Harley’s notoriety for being told to "get off the roof" and climbing trees soon found a creative outlet through acrobatics from a very early age. With a talent to rare not to pursue professionally, Harley made the move to Melbourne where he thrived at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), graduating with a Bachelor of Circus Arts in 2018.

Since graduating, Harley has been an industry powerhouse, having worked consistently as an ongoing featuring cast member in circus shows with Strut n Fret, P&O Cruises and Head First Acrobats. He has travelled the world with these productions, taking the stage in truly chameleon-like form as a pirate, scientist, cowboy, and even a flying unicorn! 

Aside from his elite-level technical skill and mastery, what’s truly astonishing about Harley is his ability to embrace, transform and communicate characters of all types with one of the most charismatic performance styles bar none. A true artist, and truer industry professional. 


Specialty Skills:
Chinese Straps
Cyr Wheel

Other Skills: