Artist Bio

Ethan emerges as a rising star in the circus world, weaving themes of queer identity and comedy into his captivating performances. With a blend of top-tier skills and physical humour, his acts promise an exhilarating fusion of entertainment.

Since the tender age of 10, Ethan has been honing his craft at Circus Monoxide in the coastal town of Wollongong. Immersed in the Youth Performance Troupe, he cultivated his talents alongside peers and mentors, eventually gracing ensemble shows as an adult. His passion for circus stems from its universal ability to elate audiences of all backgrounds.

In 2023, Ethan earned his stripes, graduating from the National Institute of Circus Arts with a specialisation in Dance Trapeze, Hula Hoops, and Group Acrobatics. With an eye on the horizon, he harbours dreams of returning to Wollongong, eager to enrich the legacy of Circus Monoxide and its vibrant community.


Specialty Skills:
Hula Hoop