Show Description

NICA Third Year Ensemble presents ECLIPSE.  

Inspired by The Pandemic is a Portal by Arundhati Roy, ECLIPSE offers a gateway to a vision of what our future could, should, would and might just be. Exploring unity, diversity, harmony, balance, trust, compromise, our humanity, and our fragility; what can we build and create together?

Devised with the graduating company, conceived by Sally Richardson, directed by Meredith Kitchen and in-house performance studies co-ordinator Ben Sheen, ECLIPSE is a cross-faculty collaboration with Costume and Make-up students from Melbourne Polytechnic and Film Students from Swinburne University of Technology Film and Television.

ECLIPSE welcomes NICA’s first public-facing production since 2019. Twelve enduring and talented students have been pressurised by lockdowns into diamonds, ready to showcase a thrilling live performance filled with acrobatics, corde-lisse, trapeze, aerial hoop, tightwire, roue cyr, handstands, foot juggling and hula hoop. 

Artfully paired with the dazzling live opera vocals of one of Australia’s finest interpreters of contemporary vocal repertoire, Judith Dodsworth, a live electronic and percussive score by Louis Frere-Harvey and dynamic visual set and costume design by Eloise Kent and Angelica Rush and uniquely illuminated by Govin Ruben’s lighting design, ECLIPSE will leave audiences blinded by surprise.

Watch the full show here


Date performed: June 2022

Location: Melbourne

Poster by: Louis Green.
Production images by: Rob Blackburn.
Videography by: Masterworks Media Productions.