Show Description

NICA Second Year Ensemble presents CIRCONOCLASM. Iconoclasm (the theft or wilful damage of artworks) is an age-old practice that continues to serve as a powerful modus operandi for those wanting to capture the world’s attention in a moment of meaningful cultural defiance.  

To this very day, Iconoclasm remains a provocative act that brings issues of the day into sharp focus – so what does that mean for the future of modern circus? Enter CIRCONOCLASM: An art-heist inspired by the infamous NGV Picasso theft by the “Australian Cultural Terrorists” and every heist movie ever…  

Directed by David Woods (Ridiculusmus Theatre Company, London) and devised by the students, the curtain opens as Seurat’s triptych of pointillist paintings on circus are gathered for the first time in a big splash for the National Australia Gallery. Though armed with a veritable fortress of high-tech security, the paintings are stolen during the swanky opening party. We encourage you to expect the unexpected with hoop diving, tightwire and teeterboards entangled in the unfolding drama of the ultimate circus art-heist.  

Illuminated by Kris Chainey’s lighting design, cunningly costumed by David Splatt and musically roped together by Carl Polke, CIRCONOCLASM promises to be immersive, exhilarating, and hilarious.  

Featuring a brilliant cast: Alan Martin, Amy Stone, Asha Colless, Celso March, Courtney Strum, Darby Sullivan, Dean Moran, Dhani Johnson, Elliza Skinner, Ethan Harris, Gabi Platus, Gemma Truong, Griffin Hooper, Harrison Sweeney, Jace Goncalves Da Costa, Jacob Kenner, James Bartlett, Louis Green, Maya Davies, Rosa Mordaunt, Tim Simpson, Tristan St John and Zahnee Kimmel.

Watch the full show here.


Date performed: September 2022

Location: Melbourne

Poster by: Cameron Grant & Karen Leskiw.
Production images by: Rob Blackburn.
Videography by: Masterworks Media Productions.