Artist Bio

Soliana is one of those rare talents that make you say: “how is that even possible?” Specialising in Contortion and Hand-Balancing, Soliana takes simply being flexibile to a whole new level, adding an intriguing layer of emotional expression and connection to her movements, ultimately translating them into a true work of pure, mind-bending performance art. 

A local Melbournian, she was born and raised in Ethiopia where her love of circus developed, teaching herself contortion with the help of her brother. Soliana moved to Australia in 2013 with her two brothers and toured the country for two years performing with Cirque Africa. 

Today, she is one of the industries most dedicated professionals, spending hours upon hour training and perfecting her precise skills to deliver only the highest quality entertainment. It should come as no surprise then that Soliana has been lovingly embraced by the local and national artistic community in Australia, and now as a successful industry professional, she is excited to share her love of circus arts with the next generation of talent to come.


Specialty Skills: