Show Description

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… Join us for a surreal 24 hours in St Nowhere’s Hospital. In this hospital, the doctors are clowns and injured athletes dance on their hands. Microscopic viruses bounce along the corridors which slide in and out along with your consciousness. This is what it means to be SICK, walking the tightrope of hope and despair. Inspired by Director Gavin Marshall’s personal experience of a prolonged, career-altering stay in hospital, SICK uses slapstick, circus and clowning to explore what happens when your body lets you down. For the emerging circus performers of NICA’s Bachelor of Circus Arts, this show will mark their final NICA performance before they graduate and embark on a professional career where dealing with – and protecting themselves from – injury is constant. With relatable themes of hope, healing, bravery and betrayal, SICK will have you in stitches.


Date performed: November 2019

Location: Melbourne

Credits: Poster: Sean Paris & Louis Green.
Production images: Kieran Mcnamara.
Videography: Masterworks Media Productions.