Show Description

NICA 3rd Year Ensemble presents QU'EST-CE QUE C'EST [What are they doing… here?].

A classic tale of ‘whodunnit’, someone has gone missing, and the characters are on a hunt to solve the mystery. In true slapstick style, cracking the case doesn’t quite go according to plan and comedic mayhem charmingly suspends the need for narrative.

Directed by the acclaimed French Director, Charlotte Saliou, this production serves up a spectacle of eccentricity, exultation, spontaneity and humour. A smorgasbord of physical theatre, falls, dance, slapstick and poetic stage imagery paired with elite circus skills including acrobatics, adagio, aerials, unicycle, roue Cyr and handstands. 

But the most delighting may be the characters themselves, within whom you may find a friend, an enemy, someone loved, an icon, a star, a queen, a superman, a fool or a Madonna - in short, the everyman who summons our humanity.

QU'EST-CE QUE C'EST, a comedy slapstick mystery not to miss!

Watch the full show here.


Date performed: November 2018

Location: Melbourne

Credits: Production images: Aaron Walker Photography.
Videography: Underground Media.