Show Description

NICA Second Year Ensemble presents LE SACRÉ.

For the first in Australian performance history, the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and The Australian Ballet School (ABS) collaborate to present an electrifying innovative masterpiece that seamlessly melts together the worlds of classical ballet and contemporary circus arts.

The production, titled Le Sacré, draws inspiration from the narrative of Nijinsky and Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring (1913), and pays homage to modern life, and elements of cultural significance.

The performance, which brings together 18 NICA second year students, and 26 level 7 ABS dancers, demonstrates the symbiotic nature of two beautiful art forms. Together, the artists create a dynamic, and enriching visual feast that highlights the sheer athleticism, and artistic capability of each individual.

Watch the full show here.


Date performed: June 2018

Location: Melbourne

Production images by Aaron Walker.
Videography by Underground Media.