Show Description

A triumphant celebration of NICA's third-year student, as they perform the fruits of their passion, blood, sweat, and tears in their graduate showcase, ON/OFF. 

Revel in 20 rounds of contortion, roue cyr, hand to hand, tightwire, tissu, trapeze, hula hoop, hoop diving, Chinese pole, and acrobatic whip - a series of untouched and self-directed acts designed by a group whose reputation precedes them. 

ON/OFF peels back the layers of an artist, the myriad of roles they embrace both on and off stage that coalesce to form an exceptional performer. Bear witness as they unveil their raw vulnerability and unwavering strength, each seizing their moment in the spotlight with commanding presence.


Date performed: November 2023

Location: Melbourne

Poster by: Cameron Grant.
Production images by: Daniel Rabin.
Videography by: Masterworks Media Productions.