Show Description

In an eerie world of familiar objects and enormous walls, where fears grow into mental monsters, and there seems to be no escape.. 

Do we freeze, fight, fawn or flee?

WITHIN THESE WALLS conjures the question of how we cope when the world around us suddenly changes. Our ability to reframe our perspective can transform the ugliest of things, into strangely beautiful expressions of the human condition. 

Exploring this vulnerable process through circus and theatre, the ultimate challenge is revealed; what happens when we look our fear in the eyes? Can the two of us exist at once?
WITHIN THESE WALLS is directed by Katie Cawthorne, a renowned Australian theatre maker and co-founder of The Anchor Theatre Company, with dramaturgy by Sebastien Neo Pasche (Circus Under My Bed by Flying Fruit Fly Circus). A combination well-versed in provoking and summoning the hidden emotional poetry from unassuming scenes.   
Featuring an intriguing domestic set designed by Eloise Kent (Eclipse, NICA 2022 and The Darkening Sky, Theatre Works 2022), illuminated by Kris Chainey’s lighting design (Circonoclasm and Made to Measure, NICA 2022), to a soundscape crafted by Ian Moorhead (SLAP. BANG. KISS. Melbourne Theatre Company 2022), and brought to life through expert costuming by Laurel Frank (Circus Oz, founding member) with the unwavering support of the Melbourne Polytechnic costume and makeup students.


Date performed: September 2023

Location: Melbourne

Poster by: Cameron Grant.
Production images by: Cameron Grant.
Videography by: Masterworks Media Productions.