Alumni new show ‘ Common Dissonance’

Alumni new show ‘ Common Dissonance’

See Common Dissonance by alumni Harley Mann & Isabelle Champagne-Chittick.

Award-winning circus company revives Common Dissonance

“Harley Mann and his dedicated troupe of young acrobats are pushing boundaries in what is invariably a very safe space. They are well worth catching.” ★★★★The Advertiser

Following the highly successful, Greenroom Award Nominatedseason at The Melba Speigeltent comecontemporary circus work, Common Dissonance produced by Na Djinang Circus and directed by company founder and Wakka Wakka man Harley Mann.For thousands of years in Australia, understanding of the world came from dreamtime stories, song lines, and oral histories all of which are still relevant to many Australians. Our environment is riddled with the hypocrisies of a culturally diverse past lingering in the wake of a globalized present. Common Dissonance explores not only the harmony and discord of contemporary Australian reasoning, but finds a Common Dissonance.Taking place as part of Theatre Works’ 2021 program in their newly renovated and COVIDsafe venue, Mann is performing alongside contemporary dancer and circus performer Isabelle Champagne-Chittick, using their distinctly contradictory upbringings as inspiration for the work.Na Djinang Circus is working towards producing contemporary circus by and for young Australians establishing their social and artistic identity. With the company, Mann wants to “showcase the talent and unique insight of the next generation.”"Common Dissonance is world class... make sure you don't miss it. I will be surprised if this does not travel the world."★★★★★WHAT DID SHE THINK COMMON DISSONANCE presented by NA DJINANG CIRCUS

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