NICA Audition interview with Hugo

NICA Audition interview with Hugo

Name: Hugo

From: Tasmania

Specialties: Manipulation and Clowning

What’s the best thing about running away with the circus?
The best thing about running away with the circus is that I have a daily schedule that I can follow and specialist trainers in my field of interest to help me be the best I can be. It’s also a great ice-breaker when talking to people you’ve just met.

What does a typical day at NICA entail?

We arrive at 8:30am to warm up, usually with body conditioning and stretching. Then we train for an hour on each of our chosen specialties. We have a short break at 11am before spending an hour on group act (e.g flying trapeze). At 12 pm we spend an hour training basics which varies from day to day often depending on how your body feels. For example we may train handstands for an hour one day and do an hour of tumbling the following day. We have lunch at 1pm and the afternoon class is either a performance or movement class which starts at 2:30 and finishes around 5 pm.

Is it all bearded ladies and strongmen?
There is one strong man currently enrolled and he is learning to juggle tyres at the moment. It is amazing what he puts his body through - but hey that’s circus! I haven’t seen too many bearded ladies around, I’ll have to ask them which razors they are using!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

I see myself travelling around the world as a solo performer, playing in the street, at festivals and in stadiums.

What did you do in your NICA audition?
We did a series of physical tests such as handstands, flexibility, strength and tumbling. There was also a performance component and I performed a clown/manipulation routine.

Any tips for people about to audition?
It is all very well to have the skills but I believe the most important ingredient is a good attitude. At the end of the day I think NICA are looking for people that are willing to learn, put in the hard work and show potential to improve.
10 Sep 2014