How dancers can benefit from adding circus arts to their repertoire at NICA

How dancers can benefit from adding circus arts to their repertoire at NICA

Are you a dancer looking to expand your skill set and increase your employability? 

Adding circus arts to your repertoire can provide a dynamic boost to your career, offering rigorous hands-on training and unique opportunities for creative exploration. At the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Australia, dancers can transform into versatile performers, combining dance, circus arts, and theatre to become a true triple threat. 


Enhanced Physical and Creative Training 

NICA’s programs provide dancers with a comprehensive physical regimen that goes beyond traditional dance training. You'll engage in full-body workouts that enhance strength, flexibility, and coordination through disciplines such as aerial silks, trapeze, and hand balancing. This rigorous, hands-on training not only elevates your physical capabilities but also encourages creative exploration, allowing you to blend dance with innovative circus techniques. 


Increased Employability 

In the competitive world of performing arts, versatility is key. By mastering both dance and circus arts, you drastically increase your employability. Casting directors and production companies seek performers who can bring multiple skills to the stage. Combining your dance background with circus arts and theatre, all offered at NICA, positions you as a unique and highly desirable talent. 


Become a Triple Threat 

At NICA, you can seamlessly integrate dance, circus arts, and theatre into your skill set. This combination makes you a triple threat in the performing arts industry. Whether you’re auditioning for a contemporary dance company, a circus troupe, or a theatrical production, your diverse abilities will set you apart from the competition. 


Creative Autonomy 

NICA encourages autonomous exploration of your craft. This freedom allows you to develop unique routines and performances that showcase your individual style. You can experiment with fusing dance and circus in ways that highlight your strengths and push the boundaries of traditional performance. 


Networking and Community 

Joining NICA means becoming part of a vibrant and supportive community of artists. You'll connect with peers and professionals from various disciplines, opening doors to collaborations and new opportunities. The relationships you build here can lead to exciting projects and lifelong friendships. 


Integrating circus arts into your dance repertoire at NICA offers numerous benefits—from rigorous physical training and creative exploration to increased employability and the ability to become a triple threat in dance, circus arts, and theatre. This is a unique opportunity for dancers to up-skill and stand out in the competitive performing arts industry. Plus, you’ll join a dynamic community of artists who support and inspire each other. Step into the extraordinary world of circus arts at NICA and watch your dance career soar to new heights. 

For more information on how to enhance your dance skills with circus arts, explore NICA's tertiary programs or recreational class offerings.

Photography by Daniel Rabin

Published 29 May 2024