Congratulations to the winners of Gasworks Circus Showdown 2018

Congratulations to the winners of Gasworks Circus Showdown 2018

The Gasworks Circus Showdown took place from 23 - 26 May at the Gasworks Arts Park precinct in Albert Park. This premier circus competition supports local industry and provides opportunities for emerging artists to display their new works.

The competition showcased a smorgasbord of circus skills including trapeze, slackrope, juggling, aerial, acrobatics and physical comedy. The grand finale took place on Saturday 26 May and was won by YUCK Circus. The troupe is directed and produced by Georgia Deguara, currently a third year NICA student.

The show was titled ‘YUCK’ and featured both NICA and outer industry cast including Georgia DeGuara, Georgia Webb, Karla Scott, Brooke Duckworth, Aleshanee Kelso, Hannah Richards, and Abbie Madden. Originally YUCK was Georgia Deguara’s solo show but when a number of friends expressed interest in collaborating, it became a “super-group of beautiful female acrobats who kick art in the face.”

Director and Producer Georgia Deguara commented on the experience:

“I used Gasworks as a platform to showcase my work and in doing so, push my creative process off the diving board. It was important for me to display my passion of Australian humour, portraying a style that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still deliver a high calibre of circus. By giving myself a deadline, I could fast-track the show to be presentable before graduating NICA.

Performing at Gasworks was an incredibly supportive experience; the staff, technical crew, and judges were with us the whole journey, and celebrated our achievements with as much passion as my gaggle of girls. This showcase has given me confidence in my work; it’s great to know your ideas aren’t crazy! To be practicing your satirically poised, menstruation dance in Alma Park surrounded by dogs and toddlers, to winning Australia’s leading circus competition is an adventure in itself.

Follow us on this journey, with the full YUCK show premiering at the 2019 circuit of Perth and Adelaide Fringe. Get keen for a summer filled with powerhouse women with a bloody good sense of humour!”

YUCK is a wild and ridiculous representation of all the uncomfortable conversations accumulated over a lifetime. Drawn from personal experiences, YUCK Circus turns the controversial into to the contemplated, using high-flying acrobatics, absurd confessions, and some groovy dancing.

The show presented a 10 minute excerpt tackling “the humiliation of bodily fluids”. The first half is a high-energy strong-man acrobatic routine, juxtaposed with the second half - a bizarre take on a ribbon dance paired with an honest account of “embarrassment via menstruation”.

Congratulations to YUCK Circus. This was a terrific performance showing courage, commitment and humour from the whole cast.

30 May 2018