NICA and NIDA collaboration - Eurydike + Orpheus

NICA and NIDA collaboration - Eurydike + Orpheus

In June this year, NICA partnered with Australia’s leading institute for education and training in the dramatic arts, the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, on the production of Eurydike + Orpheus.

Eurydike + Orpheus is a timeless and universal tale of love, loss, faith and surrender. Inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, this new adaptation was conceived and directed by Priscilla Jackman, with words by Jane Montgomery Griffiths, circus direction by Zebastian Hunter and design by Genevieve Graham.

Enhanced by state of the art twenty-first century technologies, Eurydike + Orpheus was an ambitious theatrical effusion which brought together, for the first time, performers from two of Australia’s national institutions for training excellence in the arts – NICA and NIDA.

NICA second year students Brooke Duckworth, Adam Malone, Liam Dummer, Zoe Marshall, Elanor Nunn, Jesse Howard and Lyndon Johnson together with NICA Performance Coordinator Zebastian Hunter travelled to Sydney to take part in the project. Here they worked with NIDA final year Acting, Costume, Properties and Objects, Staging, Technical Theatre and Stage Management students, along with students of the MFA in Design for Performance students.

Audiences were invited on a magnificent and transformative journey as the production celebrated epic storytelling through the historic and universal myth of everlasting love.

Conceived and directed by Priscilla Jackman
Words by Jane Montgomery Griffiths
Circus direction by Zebastian Hunter
Design by Genevieve Graham
With collaboration from Meredith Kitchen (NICA)

Photo by Phil Erbacher
18 Jun 2017