Dreams from the Second Floor director Firenza Guidi

Dreams from the Second Floor director Firenza Guidi

NICA’s performance Dreams from the Second Floor has been created by internationally renowned director Firenza Guidi, from NoFit State Circus in Wales. Creating this performance has been a deeply rewarding experience for staff and students.

Milan-born Firenza Guidi is an independent, award-winning theatre/circus, film director, writer and visual artist who has developed NoFit State style of performance as a touring company through all incarnations of Immortal, Tabú and more recently Bianco. Firenza trained as a performer with international masters such as Dario Fo, Philippe Gaulier, Enrique Pardo and Ida Kelarova and as an actress/singer at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. In 1989 she founded Elan (European Live Arts Network) and since 2004, she’s been running her Creative Centre housed in an old olive press in Tuscany, Italy. She has a PhD in Renaissance Tragedy and an MA in Film. For the last 20 years she’s been developing her unique style of training and performance creating scores of small and large scale performances throughout Europe and beyond - training and inspiring performers and artists from all over the world. Her work is an all-encompassing methodological approach and ongoing research based on two fundamental beliefs: 1. that the performer is an all-round, time-based being with body, speech, singing, performative persona and a fundamental self-ironic approach to delivering one’s own skills in performance; 2. that the space and the spectator are co-players in the artistic process. The vision for each show creates a world which the spectators enter and not simply watch from afar.

Photo by Fabrizio Mereu

27 Nov 2014