Congratulations to the 2012 NICA Award recipients

Congratulations to the 2012 NICA Award recipients

The NICA Achievement Award, presented to students who strives for excellence in their pursuit of becoming an outstanding Australian artist, awarded to Tamika Ball and Liam de Jong.

The May Wirth Award and Con Colleano Award, presented to the male and female students with the highest academic results in the first year, received by Alexis Hedrick and Darcy Meaker respectively.

The Absolute Physiotherapy Award for Excellence in Anatomy and Physiology was presented to Felicia Lannan.

The Sir Rupert Hamer Award, presented by The Honourable Rod Kemp to students for their dedication and outstanding achievement, awarded to Rosita Hendry and Rowan Thomas.

The 2012 Circus Oz Award, recognising artists who encapsulate the spirit of collaboration was awarded to Jaimi Luhrmann.

11 Dec 2012