Show Description

NICA graduates put on their best acts in their final showcase, MADE TO MEASURE. In a Met-gala-meet-circus performance, our graduates walk the tight wire between real and ridiculous.

With a red-carpet greeting, the glamour and glitz are already in full swing the moment you enter the building. Fashion-fuelled buffoonery ensues, followed by an outrageous display of skills on aerial ring, roue cyr, handstands, trapeze, bounce juggling, corde lisse, Chinese pole and hula hoops - all set to stun. 

Emceed by the infamous Valarie Hex (YUMMY) and curated by NICA’s Creative Team, this 12-strong cohort of disruptors are the circus industry’s newest ones to watch.

Having worked closely with Artistic Consultants Katie Cawthorne, Kyall Shanks, Jess Love and Jess McCrindle, our 2022 Graduates have sharpened their industry-ready acts. 

NICA’s Head of Circus, James Brown (2015 – Present) and the creative team have also been pushing the student’s ideas on what the future of circus can be, and experimenting with live-feed cameras and projections within their acts. 

“Circus borrows all the best bits from dance, music and multimedia. We are always discovering where circus and technology intersect. These graduates are walking those edges." 

Fun, dazzling and downright audacious. MADE TO MEASURE will leave you sparkling with awe. 

Featuring a phenomenal cast: Alanah Hill, Chelsea Hall, Chris Higgins, Grace Robins, Josh Duncan, Lily Akers, Linda Corazza, Michael McDonald, Rindi Harradine, Samantha Daly, Sophie Bolsen, Zachary Stephens.

Watch the full show here.


Date performed: November 2022

Location: Melbourne

Poster by: Karen Leskiw.
Production images by: Rob Blackburn.
Videography by: Masterworks Media Productions.