Show Description

NICA 1st Year Ensemble presents CAN YOU HEAR US

This gang of mimes have long entertained us on the streets, now, it’s time for them to speak up, and us to hear what they really have to say. Join us in the theatre as the mimes find their voice for the very first time!

Our outstanding 1st Year Company cast: Gabriel Fenwick, Kyle Fowler, Jesse Holden, Merlene Hutt, Gemma Jackson, Krystal Meakins, Max Neal, Zaelea Nolte, Jasmine Poniris, Anais Stewart-Long, Rose Symons, Jasmin Tait, Luca Trimboli, Taylor Vogt, Tyson Wallent, Emily White.

With very special thanks to all NICA 1st year staff members.

Watch the full show here.


Date performed: November 2022

Location: Melbourne

Poster by: Anais Stewart-Long & Tyson Wallent.
Production images by: Jeff Young.
Videography by: NICA production.