Directed & performed by Bridie Hooper

“The show was richly layered with all manner of symbolism, and heavily dosed with deliciously high-level acrobatics...”       – Nadia Jade, Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane (NEHIB)

An astonishing intersection of circus, theatre and movement, INGRESS journeys into a woman’s deep desire to live autonomously, courageously; armed with her spirit, curiosity and mortality. This is the new solo work of long-time CIRCA ensemble member, Bridie Hooper, using a stunning hybrid of interdisciplinary talents to explore a woman’s fierce effort to untether herself from both the intrinsic and extrinsic constraints inhibiting her existence.


INGRESS was originally inspired by the Greek myth of Psyche. Traded for marriage to a God, then condemned for her curiosity, Psyche was exiled to wander the earth and complete tasks set by the Gods. On completing their trials, she was granted immortality – a ‘golden deathlessness’, more imposition than gift. 

This myth provoked the central question of INGRESS: if you cannot die, how do you live? Considered from a contemporary perspective and drawing on symbolism around time’s passage and how we mark it, the work turns this question of immortality back on us, asking whether acknowledging our mortality can inspire us to live more fully in spirit and heart.

Witness exquisite contortions and tumbles, ascensions on aerial straps, succumbing at times to gravity whilst fearlessly working against it. With astonishing physical dexterity and courage, INGRESS is a glorious celebration of the mortal spirit.


Melbourne Fringe
$40 - $50 tickets

Tuesday 11 Oct 
Wednesday 12 Oct 
Thursday 13 Oct
Friday 14 Oct 
Saturday 15 Oct 

Each evening

50 minutes

39-59 Green Street, Prahran

Parental guidance recommended. 


Artist in Residency

- Bridie Hooper

Bridie Hooper is an interdisciplinary artist, integrating circus, movement, and physical theatre. With over 20 years’ experience training, performing, and creating circus, Birdie has worked with the acclaimed show DUMMY by Germanys GOP Variété Cabaret, as well as internationally renowned Circa Contemporary Circus. Upon joining Circa, Bridie was involved in collaborations with quartets, operas, and orchestras, performed internationally in 28 countries to over 450,000 people and was integral in the creation of 9 debut works, including Humans, En Masse, The Return and Beyond.

Bridie's first solo work, Ingress, was developed in collaboration with acclaimed Australian fashion designer, Gail Sorronda. Led by Bridie’s original vision, the show is a visual and conceptual collision of provocations regarding the female archetype, the self and the psyche. 

“I wanted to create a work that explores a woman’s ambition to repossess her life through considering and celebrating her impermanence. INGRESS is a dark, funny, physical journey into the mind of a woman as she desperately and defiantly attempts to unburden herself from the real and imagined limitations of her being.” 

– Bridie Hooper, INGRESS Director & Artist. 

A dark and virtuosic celebration of the moral spirit, Ingress was inspired by the Greek Myth of Psyche which provoked the central question of Ingress: if you cannot die, how do you live?

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