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Missed out on your Hogwarts’ letter? We have the next best thing and it’s right here in Melbourne

Tucked away just off bustling Chapel Street in Prahran, is a school where you can fly through the air, learn how to manipulate objects and see the world upside down. You may have guessed from the URL this article is hosted on, but we’re talking about none other than the good ol’ National Institute of Circus Arts!

Subjects might not include Charms or Defence against the Dark Arts, but juggling 11 rings or catching airborne hula hoops is pretty good consolation. Some students have even studied MAGIC (for the stage), as a specialty skill that’s on offer for selection in their first year of study in the Bachelor Degree.

Plus, let’s get real – flying through the air on a trapeze is probably the closest thing to Quidditch that the Muggle world has to offer.

Instead of binge watching the entire series of Happy Potter on Netflix this weekend, how about you sign yourself up for an after-hours course at the National Institute of Circus Arts? Or do both! We won’t judge.

If you’re still not with us, check out the list of spells and their circus equivalent:


Need to light the way? LED hula hoops are pretty rad.

LED Hula Hoops

Wingardium Leviosa

We give you the aerial ring!

Aerial Ring


All tied up, but in a good way! Aerial ropes let you hang from midair.

Aerial rope


Need to levitate a target by their ankle? We need to introduce you to the aerial silks.

Aerial Silks Tissu

Not sure which class is for you? Take this short quiz and let the NICA sorting hat decide.

What is your favourite mode of transport?

A) Airplanes

B) Cars

C) Walking

D) Scooter

Which would be your ideal patronus?

A) A bird

B) A lion

C) A badger

D) A snake

What is your favourite to eat of the following?

A) Popcorn

B) Steak

C) Peanut butter and cheese sandwich

D) Mi Goreng

What was your favourite playground apparatus at school?

A) Swings

B) Monkey bars

C) Climbing web

D) Slide

The Results

If you got mostly As, aerial apparatuses have your name all over it. You’re a true Ravenclaw. Click here to read the full list!

If you got mostly Bs you’re clearly a strong Griffindor. Something like Straps requires some might, but we think you can handle it.

If you got mostly Cs, we know that you can be easily underestimated, but in real Cedric Diggory style, this Hufflepuff will steal the show. Trapeze is for you.

If you got mostly Ds, you can be a bit slippery at times. Chinese Pole is the perfect match. It requires real discipline to master this skill and we think you’ve got what it takes.

Article added 20 Feb 2019

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